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emineechan, 12 November 2010
Turkey Turkey , Aksaray 21°

Day 3, 4, 5 and 6

Day 3
Today I woke up early. Breakfast was ready for us and I sat down right at the table. Or rather I sat on the floor and eat. In Turkey it is normal to sit on the floor. In the middle we have a big tray of small dishes out, cheeses, olives, butter and vegetables. Breakfast in Turkey is so cute. Even though we eat the same in the Netherlands, breakfast in Turkey has a different atmosphere, because everyone is very tight to the tray to sit. I personally find it a lot of fun.

Today we went into town to go shopping for me. Me, my mom and my uncle were together all day to shop, I felt very sad for my uncle and my mother. I am often very annoying when I am shopping. I am often ready within fifteen minutes in a store. I'm very fast and hard to keep up while shopping. And I can tell you that my mother and my uncle were completely exhausted after shopping with me.

Today after 3.5 years was the first time that I did my prayer in a mosque again. I went with my mother one floor up and did the noon prayer. It was such a nice feeling to pray in a mosque. To be one with all other Muslims who pray. It was overwhelming to do my prayer in a gigantic mosque. It is very difficult to describe. I wanted to continue to pray as long as possible, but I had to keep it short because we had a lot of other things to do.

Day 4

Today we woke up early to go to the village of my father. Sehler is a village 30 kilometers away from Aksaray. It is a small village, where only a few families live. Most families living in Aksaray or abroad. We went to Sehler to go to the grave of my father. It's a strange feeling to be there. I feel the presence of my father, but he is not there.

My mother told me many stories about the past. About her time she was married to my father and she from the big city to Sehler was moving. It was nice to see again the places where my father grew up.

Day 5

Today we went shopping with my mother. Today I visited several shops. What I noticed today is that people here in Aksaray think every person here with a headscarf has no fashion sense. I went into a shop where they sell clothes from h & m, zara, mango quality. The saleswoman looked at me weird when I walked in and asked she me if there was something I was looking for. I said I only wanted to look around here and I do not wish to be disturbed. Vendors and sellers in Turkey tend to run after you until you buy some. This is something I really can not stand. Often they find me very arrogant.

Anyway, eventually I bought 5 books, 2 skirts, 2 jackets, souvenirs and some other small gadgets. But the most important thing for me was that me, a person from Europe is shopping in Turkey. During the summer, many Turks are on holiday in Turkey, but in November, they dont expect Turks from Europe. Many stores also require a higher price for their goods when they find out you are from Europe. I try to hide so often that I come from the Netherlands. Often they think I come from Istanbul because of my accent. According to many here in Aksaray I speak Turkish very civilized, the ABN of Turkey. I also used my method of bargaining when I bought the 2 jackets.

I finally bought the 2 jackets for 250 lira in stead of 329 lira. This was really fun to do. I really had fun. I could in my opinion get even more bargain, but my mom thought it was enough, so I therefore agreed to 250 lira.

I also went to a store whose name is Japanese market. This is literally translated for Turkish. I think the Japanese market is still a nice store. It has nothing to do with Japan or the Japanese culture. I dont understand why or how they get the name Japon Pazari.

Today was a special day in Turkey. It was the commemoration of Ataturk, a leader, which many Turks still respect. I've never experienced something like this. In Aksaray there was a statue of Ataturk and also many flowers and you could see lots of people to commemorate Ataturk were.

Day 6

Today I went to a tailor to make some skirts for myself. It's unwise for a cheap custom made garment. For a long skirt, you just here to make you pay 20 lira for the best tailor. This is approximately equivalent to 10 euros. If you consider it a yard of fabric on the market cost 2 euros, you spent in total 12 euro on your skirt. For me this is really super cheap, since I often pay more than 50 euro for a skirt in the Netherlands.

I also saw a shepherd with many sheeps today in the city center. I had never seen so many sheep together. He was involved in the selling of sheep to the Feast of Sacrifice. I thought it was funny to see that two men were negotiating over prices.

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